A Modern History of Ebith

Short History of Modern Ebith
by Loscar Bluefingers, Historian of the Archives, 1st class

Prior to the arrival of the Patricians and their peoples Ebith was ruled by the Elves who had evolved there. Whilst they were largely nomadic they did have a rich culture and used sophisticated magics to ensure their quality of life.

Their one major urban centre, named Quendarhas, was built for two reasons firstly as a place where the various tribes could meet and trade, and secondly and more importantly was the soulgate. The soulgate is a rift in time and space which generates huge amounts of magic power which the Elves in the city used to power their arcane machinery and scry the multiverse for new knowledge. Additionally they created soulgems which captured the energy and saved it to increase the amount of power the magicians could use in a day.

The soulgate had another side effect which is reflected in the diverse amounts of fauna and sentients reflected on the continent, every so often the great power being pulled through the soulgate would bring something else with it and the elves respecting the gifts the cosmos sent them would transplant them to an appropriate area of Ebith and so we find Dwarves and Goliaths under and on the mountains of the north, Kobolds in the marshes to the east and Lycanthropes to the west among others. It was its power as a universal homing beacon that was the final doom of the Elves as when the Everlord brought his peoples to Ebith the Capitol materialised on top of Quendarhas vaporising most of it and its citizens, leaving few clues to what was there previously, the occasional Elvish skull staring out of an otherwise pristine wall or a tall and curved Elvish building on the outskirts of the city.

This arrival was the end of the Elves as a powerful race, and since the establishment of the Everquision, whose beliefs about the inferiority of non-human races are well known, they have been harried to a greater degree than any other people and pushed back into a bronze age people. The final nail in the Elven coffin was the capping of the Soulwell which the Everquision did to stop the enemy following them from the old world, and stopping the hopes of any Elvish return to power.

The peoples of the Everlord split up and moved as he had commanded and all was peaceful as they got to grips with the new restrictions of Ebith, the lack of arcane research, and settled into a simple life of manual toil.

Then came The Sundering.

For centuries Lord Darryn had loved Lady Cia and finally the time came when he and a huge entourage of soldiers marched into the Capitol displaying all the pomp and flare they could muster, and as they were the children of Darryn that was a lot of pomp! Presenting gifts of priceless art, jade combs and other fantastic trinkets Lord Darryn declared his love for Lady Cia with the words “Cia, I do love thee, come take thy place with me by my side and in my heart”

Lady Cia was moved and her eyes filled as she replied to he suitor “Lord Darryn, thou knowest that the gift our father gave us allow us no diminishment. My love for Harran is as Eternal as our bodies, I cannot go with you my lord for to do so would be to lie to you and our peoples.”

“So be it.” Spake Lord Darryn and he and his entourage drew their swords as one, and taking Lady Cia cut his way out of the Capitol and stole her away to his fortress in the south. Lady Cia’s people were quick to react, her subjects ever skilled in the art of diplomacy, espionage, and stealth sent emissaries to Lords Prencival and Vuklaan in the north and Lord Harran in his woodland lair.

At the meeting of the three brothers, their advisors and the representatives of Cia all talk of diplomatic solutions ceased as the thoughts of their most beloved sister being forced into anything, and finally Prencival demanded that a military solution was called for. “What a good idea old chap” Lord Harran smiled grimly, “but you’d better hurry, I sent my rangers into Darryns kingdom weeks ago with Cia’s spy masters. If you want any of the action you’d better hurry up.”

True to their patritians word, Lord Prencivals knights and Lord Vuklaans armoured legionaries marched into the north of Darryns Kingdom. The first two villages they came two were empty, the third was full of corpses and one very alive Capitol spymaster. She explained that Lord Darryn had ordered the majority of his forces to join him in his fortress in the south, knowing full well it was nigh on impervious to military assault. Lord Harran in his grief had laid a plan both desperate and terrible. In order to draw out Darryns military he ordered a war of extermination against the people. Spys and assassins killed local leaders and poisoned local water sources, in response to which the villagers fled the towns, only to be cut down, sniped, and starved by the actions of Harrans rangers. But still Lord Darryn dug in.

Both Lords Prencival and Vuklaan were disgusted and demanded the cessation of this war on the innocents but the damage was done and fully three quarters of Lord Darryns people lay dead. As the combined army approached the already ranger besieged fortress, the three brothers rode out to parlay with Darryn. Out he rode with his ‘love’ at his side, his face was anointed with ashes and streaked with tears, staring heartbroken for his lost people and unrequited love he spoke the last words any outsider has ever heard him speak “She will not have me, now leave and never return!” and he turned and silently rode back.

Lord Darryn Followed the victorious armies out with the grieving remnants of his people, and at the edge of his lands halted them, and set them to building, and the whole country didn’t stop until the whole country was surrounded, first in a wooden palisade, then a stone wall, and no contact has been had between Lord Darryns children and those of the other Patricians, beyond the occasional warning from the wall since.

After this anti-climax to the war, the victorious armies escorted Lady Cia home. The news that awaited them was shocking and tragic, a muddy and battered gnome was sat weeping on the floor of the imperial throne room. “Who allowed the in here varlet” questioned Prencival, the gnome looked up and the four patriarchs realised that they were in the presence of a fifth. It was Geraand.

The story he told was one of tragedy, Lord Grom had disobeyed the edict on arcane research and mutated own his people into an army of bloodthirsty killers he called “Orcs”. Using his new army he had assaulted both Lord Geraand and Lady Heidles kingdoms enslaving most and leaving the few to escape as refugees. If this was not enough Lady Heidle herself was missing and non had news of her fate.

Stunned the patriarchs acted in the only ways they could, Lords Vuklaan and Harran marched their armies home as swiftly as possible to defend their boarders from any further incursion from the east. Lady Cia sent her spys ahead to ascertain the extent of Groms madness, and Lord Prencival and his knights rode with her either side of the great river and rode with her across the great plains to the western edge of Groms Kingdom. When they finally arrived Grom was waiting “Brother why have you come arrayed to battle against me?”

Lord Prencival was aggrieved against him “Why hast thou perpetrated this madness?”

“Madness? I but do the fathers command, we were commanded to protect this land from those who would attack it, yet here in the east I am the only Patrician with the foresight to forge a force able to do so. I have installed my own lords Cecil-ra to the north and Ur-Brian south of here to rule in the stead of those weaklings Geraand and Heidle”

“And what of the sweet Heidle?” asked Cia

“I do not know, but surly no mortal could slay any one of us” Grom sneered “Now leave and we need not destroy all our peoples over this.” Grom may have been insane, but he was correct, spy reports returning to Cia told of armies of undead to the north and demons to the south, along with the hordes of orcs roaming the three kingdoms. Any attempt to retake what had been stolen would have depopulated the continent of and left patriciarchal scociety open to be overtaken by one of the lesser races.

Fortunately geography left natural fortifications preventing further expansion by either faction and leaving scouts along the boarder, who later became permanent by building The Pile, a huge watchtower and fortress, and named themselves the Centralia Defense force.

The final thing to result from the war was Prencivals establishment of the Everquision to make sure that never again would secret arcane research be performed. Over time the institution has grown in power, coming in time to expand their power to regulating all magic users in Patriciarchal society, training their own anti-magic forces and increasing the general xenophobia in the nation, especially against the elves.

In this archivists eyes this one deed has had the most detrimental effect on the history of Ebith than any other meaning that meaningful scientific and social progress has been halted, in the name of security, and whilst it has never been accepted by all the Patricians it has, again in this archivists opinion been the only thing to stop this country falling into anarchy and the sins and doom of the old world catching up with us.


A Modern History of Ebith

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