The Patriciarchy of Harran


The Lord Harren who was sent to defend the forests of the south is a very different person to the Lord we see today. Before his banishment to the forests he was an erudite noble whose appreciation of culture and wit was equalled only by that of his love, Lady Cia. Tall and slender with a finely trimmed moustache and always in style he was the very personification of a gentleman.

After his arrival with the races of destiny in Ebith, this patrician has had to change his outlook, after taking his people down into the forest Harran sulked for a century or so. He ignored the needs and wants of his people and refused to let them clear areas to build farms and homes in the vain hope that the Everlord would return and recant his decision and bring him home to Cia and the Capitol.

It was the next generation of people that awoke Harren to his responsibility, in his misery he was wandering the camps of his peoples when he realised that they were no longer ‘his’ people they had moved on without him, obeying his word and yet becoming proficient trappers, hunters, foresters and coppicers. As he wandered amongst the playing children he realised the beauty that existed all about him, and also with some sadness that no-one he brought with him still remained. He went back to his lair and dressed appropriately for the occasion and began to learn the basic forestry skills that the children could teach him. Slowly he began to experience the wonder of his new realm and became one with his people until he finally became the Patrician that the Everlord had envisioned him to be. At one with his surroundings, helping with his people to transform the old dark forest into a new heavily managed area that brought most of the food and building materials that they require, as well as trade goods such as furs and coppiced willow. And yet, he still has not repealed his orders on land clearance and permanent stone dwellings, so great is his love for his new home.

By the time of the sundering each of his people above the age of 16 was an able an able enough ranger to participate in the revenge enacted upon the people of Lord Darryn, meaning that whilst the population of his country is one of the lowest he can still field a comparatively sized army, and if his opponent were to try and face him in the woods of his home territory he would be hopelessly outclassed.

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The Patriciarchy of Harran

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