The Patriciarchy of Vuklaan


Lord Vuklaan in life was a huge man, dark and swarthy from his time spent in the forges and rarely seen in the trappings of war or state as his brothers and sisters are want to do he was more often seen in a sleeveless shirt, leather apron, heavy boots and a headband to keep the sweat from his eyes. A master craftsman and designer he has always abhorred direct military conflict, and thus when he was sent by his father to defend the mountains of the north and found the dwarves already living there, instead of forcing out or exterminating them, as some of his brothers were want to do, he incorporated them into his own people. Taking and expanding their under mountain kingdom, devising new ways to dig deeper, faster and grander than the dwarves ever had.

Over time, and especially after The Sundering, Lord Vuklaans faith in the Patrician system of government dwindled. He saw the increasing xenophobia and technological stagnation prevalent in the continent as a disease and a product of a structure that had peoples minds pinned in time. Eventually he came up with the theory that these pins were the Patricians themselves. To remedy this he changed the governorship of his kingdom to a democracy headed by the crafters whose plain speaking Vuklaan always admired, with the more accomplished craftsmen attaining higher levels of political power, the highest rank being that of Anvil Lord. After he had watched the succession of three great Anvil Lords, he announced his retirement from public life and returned to his forge. After a few years those close to their Patrician noticed a few changes to the face that had not altered in centuries, there were a few more lines on his face, and his beard had some touches of salt in its pepper black. A few more years later and it was confirmed, he was aging! Patiently he explained to his people that for them to advance, their tether had to be cut, and thus he would have to die, and so several years later Lord Vuklaan passed to be with his father. After a state funeral attended by Prencival, Cia and Harren they honoured his memory by re-naming every Anvil Lord since Vuklaan.

The cities of Vuklaan are one of the few places in the Allied Kingdoms where all races are treated equally, the largest contingents being humans, dwarves and the refugee gnomes from Geraand, but there are also a few elves, goliaths and even some kobold rat fur traders. Whilst the peoples of one race generally congregate and live together, humans with humans, dwarves with dwarves and gnomes with gnomes there is very little animosity between the races. Even the Everquision has limited powers, restricted to monitoring for arcane researchers and even then they are not as powerful as they’d like to be unable to touch the Gnomish artificers and technologists who they view as breaking the convention.

The main exports from the mountain kingdoms are obviously mined and purified metals and gems, but if a person has the required wealth he can also order the construction of many marvellous objects not least of which being magical weapons and armour.

The underground cities of Vuklaan are far more populace than the overground mountainous terrain, serving as natural fortresses. This is not to say the that the surface is uninhabited. Outside nomadic Goliath clans live in general harmony with nature (other the giants and trolls!) with very little technology, acting as a natural buffer between the cities and anyone wanting to assault Vuklaans people.

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The Patriciarchy of Vuklaan

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