Centralia is the only area on Ebith that does not have a patrician as its guide, it was formed from what was left of the continent after the coasts were claimed by the Races of Destiny. It is a flat grassland that lends itself to the cultivation of cattle, horses and other herd animals, and the inhabitants of Centralia spend their lives following these precious animals around. The closest thing to a major city is the great lake at the centre of the plains, which the River Trading Clans use to pick up their shipments of cattle to transport it to the rest of the continent.

One of the original commands of the Everlord through the Patricians was that no race should be exterminated, though the Everquision is loathe to admit it, and to this end Centralia has become a home for the remnants of all the peoples displaced by the incursions of the continents new overlords. These main body of these people is the remnants of the Elvish people that once were themselves the mighty rulers of the same land and are now reduced to the level of ranchers. But this is not the only indignity that has been heaped upon them. The Everquision has instituted a series of laws in order to prevent a resurfacing of Elvish culture and power, in addition to the ban on arcane research common to all peoples of Ebith the Elves are not allowed a centralised government of their own and to build permanent dwellings. Perhaps most humiliating considering the peoples new emphasis on cattle and horse production, they are not allowed to ride horses, which has led to them gaining a particular relationship with their herding dogs.

The only building in the whole area is The Pile, the fortress and central hub for the Centralia Defence Force, where the defence of the whole of the central region is co-ordinated from.

The Patriciarcies of Ebith


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